Contoh Soal USBN Mapel Bahasa Inggris Kurikulum 2013

This text for questions 1 and 2.
Be alert !
The area for mountain climbing is closed after a fire
1. What does the caution mean?
A. We should extinguish a fire on the mountain.
B. We should climb the mountain carefully
C.We are allowed to climb the mountain.
D.We are forbidden from climbing the mountain

2. Who is the text aimed at?
C.Mountain climbers.
D.People living on the slope of the mountain.

This text for questions 3 and 4.
Please join us to celebrate :
Andika Danuartha’s
Fifteenth Birthday!,
Saturday, April 13th, 2019 at 7 p.m
At Jovan Resto
Jl. Merdeka no. 8
RSVP onlyJulia
Call/sms/wa 0889996656566
3.Why was the card written?
A. To inform about a party held in a restaurant
B.To invite a person to attend a birthday party.
C.To invite a person to have dinner in a restaurant.
D.To ask a person to attend the opening of a restaurant.

4.Suppose you cannot attend the party.
What should you do?
A.Call Jovan Resto
B.Send a text to andika
C.Inform Julia Via phone
D.Go to Andika’s house.

This dialogue for questions 5 and 6.
Shinta : Did you see a rock music concert yesterday?
Aska : No. The crew postpones the concert until next week
Shinta : Why do they postpone it?
Aska : The concert stage collapsed because of the earthquake. The crew rebuilt the stage
this morning.
Shinta : That was too bad. I hope no one gets hurt.
Aska : Don't worry. Nobody was on the stage when the earthquake happened
5.What happened to the music concert?
A. It was rescheduled
B. It was canceled
C. It was conducted.
D. It was moved.
6.Aska said, "The concert stage collapsed because of the earthquake."
The underlined word issimilar in meaning to .......
B. Stood
C. Melted
D. Broken

The following text is for questions 7 to 8
To : Andrea

I’m so sorry i haven’t finished repairing your computer because a spare part isn’t available yet. You may come to my store tomorrow afternoon and your computer will have been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience

Aji Permana
Smart Computer
7. Who is Andrea ?
A. The distributor of Smart Computer
B. The business of Smart Computer
C. The customer of Smart Computer
D. The owner of Smart Computer

8. From the text we can conclude that .
A. A part of Andrea’s computer must be replaced
B. Aji recommends Andrea buy a new computer
C. A part of Andrea’s computer is in stock
D. Aji offers Andrea the best spare part for the new computer

This text for questions 9 and 10.
To : Basketball Team

There will be a basketball competition for junior high students in our city. The contest will be held next month, June 8 to 12 in the sports center not far from our school. We were the runners-up last year, so we have to become the best this year. Therefore, our team will practice every day during this month. Please gather at the school basketball court after school today for our first practice. We have to win. Keep up the good team work.

Basketball Coach,
Mr Aly
9. Why do they have to keep up their good team work?
A. They will join the competition.
B. They want to be a good team.
C. They want to be the winner.
D. Their coach is Mr. Aly.

10. Where will the basketball competition be held?
A. At the school basketbal court.
B. In the nearby sports center.
C. At the center of the school.
D. In the city center.
The following text is for questions 11 to 12
Serving Sice : 30 g
Serving Per Container: 4
Energy 160 Energy from fat 90 kkal
Total Fat 9 g 15 %
Saturated Fat 9g 49 %
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 0 mg 0 %
Protein 2 mg 3 %
Total Carbohydrate 18 g 6 %
Dietary Fiber 1 g 4 %
Sugars 5 g
Sodium 40 mg 2 %
Percent daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Vegetable Fat, Corm, Sugar, Whey Powder, Cocoa Powder, Skim Milk Powder, Rice, Potato Starch, Soy lecithin (Emulsifler), Salt and Artifical Vanilla Flavor
11.What is the purpose of the text?
A.To inform whether the product are affordableor nor.
B.To provide detailed information about the product.
C.To inform that the serving size per container is enough.
D.To describe the amount of energy needed by our bodies.

12.The underlined word in’’Artificial vanilla flavor’s is similar to….

This text for questions 13
Dear Lusi,

This card comes with living wishes especially for you.
To wish you lots of happiness today and all year through.
Happy New Year 2020.


13. The purpose of the text above is ….
A. to greet someone for the New Year
B. to remind someone about New Year
C. to inform everyone about New Year
D. to invite someone to a New Year Celebration

This text for questions 14
14. What does the caution mean?
A. You may use the machine everytime
B. Only an expert is allowed to operate the machine
C. Everyone is allowed to use the machine
D. Everyone is prohibited to operate it

This dialogue for questions 15 - 17.
Lou : “Tell me about your hometown, Joyce!”
Joyce : “It’s a small town. And I think it’s very boring place.”
Lou : “Why?”
Joyce : “Well, there’s nothing exciting to do. No good restaurants. No nightlife of any
kind. I really get bored there.”
Lou : “Oh, that’s too bad.”
Joyce : “Yeah, but lots of people love it because it’s so pretty.”

15. What is the dialog about?
A. A small town
B. A very boring place
C. Lou’s hometown
D. Joyce’s hometown

16. Joyce said, “And I think it’s a very boring place.
What does it mean?
A. She gives her opinion
B. She asks for an opinion
C. She asks for an agreement
D. She gives an agreement

17. Why do many people love Joyce’s hometown? Because…
A. It is big
B. It is so pretty
C. It is modern
D. It is small

This text for questions 18 and 19.
Clear Liquid Soap

A delicately balanced formula for all types of skin to clean gently and effectively one's hands leaving soft and healthy sensation.
Instructions: Apply to hands. Wash and then rinse with water
Available in 360ml
Ref No.: BB01030D
18. According to the text, the product….
A. is for external use
B. is for dry skin only
C. is applied on our faces
D. contains a half liter liquid

19. "A delicately balanced formula.The underline word means….
A. Mild
B. Fragile
C. Accurate
D. Fragrant

This text is for question number 20 to 23.
The place that I never forget is Covent Garden. It is one of the most popular parts of London. Tourists and Londoners, adults and kids – they all enjoy the great shops restaurants and cafes, and, most of all, they love the street performers. At Covent Garden, you can see some of the best street performers in the world. There are jugglers, clowns, magicians, living statues, musicians – the list goes on and on!
Before they can perform there, performers have to pass a test (it doesn’t cost anything). The shows are free and performers don’t go round and collect money – but most people throw money into the hat! The performers can keep all the money. Sometimes the audience is small, but often big, and due to that they make a lot of money at the end of the show.
Chantelle plays the violin in an orchestra, but she prefers Covent Garden! “The Crowds are always great here, she says, “and the money’s better than my orchestra job!”
20. What is the text about?
A. The musicians of Covent Garden.
B. The performers in Covent Garden.
C. Getting some money in Covent Garden.
D. Covent Garden as a place for street performers.

21. What do the performers have to do before they can perform there?
A. Pass the test.
B. Show their performance.
C. Collect some money.
D. Throw the money into the hat.

22. What will the readers probably do when they visit the Covent Garden?
A. Find the exact location of Covent Garden
B. Plan to be the street performers
C. Prepare to pass the test of being street performer
D. Enjoy the street performances of Covent Garden

23. “and due to that they make a lot of money…”(par 2 line 4)
The word “they “refers to ....
A. People
B. Audiences
C. Tourists
D. Performers

This dialogue for question 24
24. Niko : “How about going out for lunch?”
Diana : “ …. I have a lot of work to do this afternoon.”
A. I am sorry
B. I will come
C. I am certain
D. I really doubt

The following text is for questions 25 to 27
25.The farmer regretted at the end of the story because ....
A.the goose did not lay golden eggs very often
B.he had done something stupid to the goose
C.he became a lazy and arrogant person
D.the eggs were not ordinary ones

26.This goose will help you to ease your hardship. (Paragraph 2).
What does the underlined word refer to?
A.This goose.
B.The farmer.
C.An old man.
D.A golden egg.

27.What can we learn from the story?
A.People must do everything to become rich.
B.Greedy people will get nothing in their life.
C.Animals can help people survive in their life.
D. We must listen to old men to succeed in our life.

This text is for questions 28 to 30.

28. The text aims to ….
A. tell the readers how to use the fire extinguisher
B. show the easiest way to use fire extinguisher
C. remind the fireman the safety of the product
D. inform people the function of a fire extinguisher

29. How can we put off the fire effectively?
A. Pull the pin close to you
B. Squeeze the handle evenly
C. Sweep the nozzle slowly
D. Spray steadily to the fire

30. What will likely happen when you aim high at the fire?
A. It willinstantly extinguish
B. It will make the fire bigger
C. It will reduce the heat level of the fire
D. It will create less damage

This dialogue for questions 31 - 32.
Mita : “Shelly, we will have a camping on the next holiday. Do you agree with the idea?”
Shelly : “That’s great! Where will we camp?”
Mita : “In Puncak.”
Shelly : “It’s nice. Anyway, how do we go there?”
Mita : “By car. Andi will ask his father to drive us to the camping area.”
Shelly : “I see. Um… what about the tents?”
Mita : “Don’t worry. We can borrow my brother’s.”

31. Shelly said, “That’s great!
What does it mean?
A. She shows her agreement
B. She shows her disagreement
C. She asks for an opinion
D. She denies an offer

32. What will they do next holiday?
A. They will borrow tents
B. They will go to Puncak
C. They will camp in Puncak
D. They will camp in a camping area

This text is for questions 33 to 34
I have a new neighbor. She moved here two months ago. Her name is Nanda Oktaviani. She is two years order than me and a tenth grader.
Nanda is good looking. She is about 160cm tall, weighing about 55kg. She has shiny long black hair, a pair of beatiful brown eyes, a flat nose and a dimple on her right cheek that makes her so cute.
My mother told me that Nanda is good at English. She lived in Australia for several months. If I have problems with my English tasks. I will ask her to teach me. I know she is warm-hearted. She is friendly and likes smiling at others.
That’s all about Nanda, my new neighbor.

33. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. The writer’s new neighbor
B. The writer’s mother
C. Nanda’s physical appearance
D. Nanda’s attitude

34. Nanda looks so cute because of her….
A. dimple
B. cheek
C. nose
D. eyes

This text is for questions 35 to 38.
An ant is an insect. It belongs to the family formicidae. It is social in habit and lives together in organized colonies. Ants occur worldwide, they are especially common in hot climates. They range in size from about 2 to 25 mm. Their colour is usually yellow, brown, red, or black.
An ant typically has a large head and a slender oval abdomen. This abdomen is joined to the thorax, or midsection, by a small waist. It has two sets of jaws; the outer pair and the inner pair. The outer pair is used for carrying objects such as food and for digging. Whereas the inner pair is used for chewing.
There are usually three castes, or classes, within a colony. They are queens, males, and workers. Some species of ants live in the nests of other species as parasites. In these species, the parasite larvae are given food and nourishment by the host workers.
Most ants live in nests, which may be located in the ground or under a rock. They may also build nests above ground from twigs, sand, or small rock. Some species live in trees or in the hollow stems of weeds. Tailor ants in the tropics of Africa make nests of leaves and similar materials. They use silk secreted by the larvae to hold the leaves together. Dolichoderus, another genus of ants, glues together bits of animal feces for its nests.
35. What is the text about?
A. How ants build their nests.
B. The member family formicidae.
C. General information about ants.
D. Ant’s typical physical appearance.

36. How do the parasite ants obtain food and nutrition?
A. From the host workers.
B. By carrying food objects.
C. By making nests of leaves.
D. From the ground or under a rock.

37. Which ants make nests of leaves and similar material?
A. Tailor.
B. Parasite.
C. Dolichoderus.
D. Family Formicidae.

38. “An ant typically has a large head and ...” (paragraph 2)
The underlined word is closest in meaning with ….
A. Popularly.
B. Obviously.
C. Generally.
D. Exactly.

This text is for question number 39 and 40.
Last week my school arranged a tour to a waterfall. We went to CurugSewu. On a fine cool morning. We gathered at the school at six o’clock. Two buses had ready at school. The teacher counted the students. We were all ninety. Four teachers accompanied us and two assistants took charge of the sports things. At half past six, we got into the bus and left for CurugSewu.
We were in our happy mood. We sang cheerful songs and clapped, shouting and rejoicing along the way. At 9 a.m. the teachers served us fried rice and mineral water for breakfast. Two hours later we arrived at CurugSewu. We kept our bags and baggages on a lodge booked by the school for us. After a full meal we got ready for sight-seeing.
At first we visited KshetraCurugSewu. There we saw a big temple built where five rivers originate. We were surprised to see it. There we enjoyed rafting and other watersports. It was almost evening there. So we hurried up to the sunset point. We saw the whole sunset, where the sun went down on the western horizon with its brilliant colors spread in the sky. The view had a deep impression on my mind. When it was dark we returned to our lodge.
The next day was kept for visiting other points and valleys. On the early morning we enjoyed the sunrise, and other sightseeing points. In the afternoon around four we went to the market. There, we enjoyed delicious strawberries and raspberries. I bought a cane stock and a bottle of honey.
Then it’s the time for us to return home from journey. We were in a very merry mood returning home. I enjoyed my picnic very much.
39. What did the students do when they were all in happy mood?
A. They kept their bags and baggages on a lodge
B. They enjoyed the sight-seeing at Curug Sewu
C. They enjoyed the cuisine and the watersports
D. They enjoyed their picnic

40. It can be inferred that the author loves sunset more because ….
A. She is not a sport type person
B. She is most likely a melancholic person
C. She loves nature more than sport
D. She loves the radiant colours of the sunset


41. Complete the dialogues below with the appropriate modal?
A. Student : “………………….I go to toilet, Sir?”
Teacher :”Yes, you may.”
B. Shopkeeper : “…………………I help you, Miss?”
Buyer : “I need a kilo of sugar.”

42. Use the correct adverbs to complete these sentences!
A. The car runs….
B. The turtle walks….

43. Change these sentences into passive voice!
A. Andi kicks the ball
B. Andrea Hirata wrote “LaskarPelangi”

44.Use the subordinating conjunction to completethis sentence!
The writer felt very happy … she knew that she got the highest score in the exam.

45. Use the correct verb to complete this sentence!
Komodo dragons are carnivores that… pigs, deer, snakes, fish and water buffalos.

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