Contoh Soal UKK (UAS Sem.Genap) Mapel B.Inggris Kelas 8

Contoh Soal UKK (UAS Sem.Genap) Mapel B.Inggris Kelas 8-- Choose the Correct Answer!
1. Regina : Ugh it’s very hot inside here................
Nirmala : Sure, I’ll open it
A. Could you open the window, please? C. It seems you’re in trouble
B. What can I do to help you? D. Close the door, will you?
2. Nurma : Hi, Kristin!
Kristin : Oh, Hello Nurma. Look this suitcase is too heavy for me......?
Nurma : With Pleasure. Well, come on let’s lift it together
A. Would you help me, please? C. Shall I lift it up for you
B. How could I do it by myself? D. What can I do for you?
3. Driver : Is there anything wrong, miss?
Janet : ................................?
Driver : Are you serious Miss?
Janet : Yes, my class will start in ten minutes. I don’t want to be late, or my professorwill be angry with me.
Driver : As you wish, Miss.
A. You drive very fast, don’t you? C. Could you drive a little faster, please.
B. Can you drive more slowly? D. Do you always drive slowly, driver
4. Sam : Can I .....................?
Mia : Sure, make your self at home
A. Leave now B. Get you a drink C. Go out for a while D. Have a drink
This dialog is for question 5 & 6
Daddy : Did you do it, Ista?
Ista : No, Dad. The living room was messy when I arrived
Daddy : It must be your little brother
Ista : I think so
Daddy : Why don’t you tidy up then?
Ista : Sorry, Dad. I am tired and I want to have a rest for a while
Daddy : Ok, I will ask your brother to clean up the mess.
5. Where does the dialog take place?
A. at home B. at office C. in a library D. At School
6. The girl doesn’t want to clean up the mess because she is ....................
A.talking to her friend B. very busy C. tired D. lazy
This dialog is for questions 7 to 9
Susi : Hi, Jeffrey, why don’t you go to the canteen? I always see you at the canteen during break.
Jeffrey : Not this time. You know, I forget to bring my pocket money. So, I don’t have any money at all.
Susi : Poor you! Well, I have cookies. You can have some if you like. Here you are.
Jeffrey : No, thanks. I don’t like cookies
Susi : What about a sandwich? I brought two sandwiches. Would you like one?
Jeffrey : Well, I can’t say no this time. Thanks, Susi. You are really a nice and kindgirl.
Susi : Don’t mention it.
7. Who are talking in the dialog?
A.Two classmates B. Sister and brother C. mother and Son D. Teacher and student
8. When does the dialog take place?
A. During the break B. Before the lesson start C. On the way to school D. On the way home
9. Which one of these statements is true, except?
A. the girl brings two sandwiches C. The boy doesn’t bring his pocket money
B. The boy like cookies very much D. The boy usually goes to the canteen during the break
10. I looked for it everywhere..... I didn’t see them
A.and B. or C. if D. but

Read the text and answer question 11 to 13.
It happened on Sunday morning, December 26th, 2004. On that day, I went to the beach in Meulaboh, Aceh.When I arrived there, I saw many people were enjoying the beautiful sunrise. It was such a good moment. But, suddenly we were shocked by a violent shake in the ground. Everybody was panic. I soon realized that it was a very big earthquake although it struck in a very short time.
After that, I saw the water became shallow. Then, many kinds of fish were left behind on the sand. I was astonished by the view until I realized there was a huge moved very fast and came towards us. It destroyed everything in its way. I did not realize what had happened until I found myself hanging on a branch of a tree. A tsunami hit the coast quickly without any warning. It traveled far inland and caused serious flooding also lostlot of life.I would never forget that day for the entire of my life.
11. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. Many fish were left behind on the sand. C. The writer did not realize what he wrote.
B. The view of the beach astonished the writer. D. A tsunami occurred and destroyed everything.
12. When was the tsunami happened?
A. In the morning B. In the afternoon C. In the evening D. In the midnight
13. What does the text mainly discuss?
A. A terrible earthquake. C. Simple steps to survive from tsunami.
B. The writer’s experience with tsunami. D. The description of a beach in Meulaboh
For questions 14 to 18, complete the text with the suitable words
Last year I visited Medan ... (14) a week. My friend, Dody, ..(15).. me up from the airport.He...(16)me to several interesting places. We visited Maimoon palace and Masjid RayA. We had wonderful culinary ... (17) too.We … (18) delicious durian and mieAceh in JalanSetiabudi.
14. B. for C. from D. with
15. A.pick B. picks C. picked D. is picking
16. A. take B. takes C. took D. taken
17. A.exercise B. examples C. experiences D.expertises
18. A. eat B. eating C. ate D. eaten
19. Arrange the following sentences into a correct paragraph
(1) My essays was not in my bag.
(2) I got to school on time.
(3) I usually check my bag in the morning.
(4) The teacher asked us to hand in our essays.
(5) I had forgotten to put it in my bag the night before.
(6) I did not do this because I was late.
A. 1 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 3 – 6 C. 2 – 4 – 5 – 1 – 3 – 6
B. 1 – 2 – 4 – 3 – 5 – 6 D. 2 – 4 – 1 – 5 – 3 – 6

The following dialog is for questions 20 and 21
Miko : Hallo, Chika , are you at home?
Chika : No, I am now at the computer fair. (20.................., Miko?
Miko : Well, I’d like to ask you about our group assignment.
Chika : Don’t worry. I have typed it all.
Miko : That’s good . ( 21 ) ……………….., how is the expo?
Chiko : Uh………uh…………it is very crowded here.
Miko, sorry, let’s continue this conversation later. I’m going to buy a USB stick now.
Miko : O.K.then. Thank you and have a nice day.
Chika : You too.
Complete the missing words!
20. A. Congratulation B. Sorry C. What’s up D. Thank you
21. A. what happen B. great C. by the way D. goodbye
This text for question no 22-23!
A little rabbit and a little mouse were friends. They...........(22)wandering in the woods near their house. They also played in the mud together. They...........(23)their days happily.
22.A. Loved B.will love C. loves D. Loving
23. A. Will spend B. spends C. spent D. Spending
24. Rearrange these sentences into good paragraph
(1) This deer liked to help animals
(2) One afternoon, when the deer went home, it found a small bird under themahonitree.
(3) However, all animals that lived with it didn’t feel strange.
(4) Once upon a time there was strange deer that lived in a jungle
(5) Then, the deer took the bird home.
(6) Its home was open for anyone that wanted to stay.
(7) It didn’t have any horn on its head.
(8) The bird laid on the ground and looked hungry.
A. 4-7-3-5-6-8-2-1 B. 4-7-1-3-8-6-5-2 C. 4-7-3-1-6-2-8-5 D. 4-7-3-1-5-2-6-8

The text is for questions number 25 to 26 !
25. What is the text about?
A. A kind of healthy food. B. A kind of medicine. C. A course D.A program
26. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To announce something. C. To advertise something.
B. To describe something. D. To invite someone to do something

The text is for questions number 27 to 28!
(at the open field near the Prawn Restaurant)

Daily shows : at 4.00 p.m., at 5.30 p.m. at 7.00 p.m., and at 8.30 p.m.
(Monday to Saturday)
Sunday :Special extra show at 10.00 A.m. and 2.00 p.m.
Opening : June 1st, 2016 at 8.30 p.m.
Last Day : June6th, 2016
Tickets : Adult Rp 100.000,00; Rp 75.000,00; Rp50.000,00
Children (7-12) Rp 40,000,00 Below 7 years free

27. What kind of the text above?
A. announcement B. notice C. advertisement D. warning
28. How long will the Royal Circus show?
A.For five days B.For six days C. for seven days D. for two weeks
29. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE based on the text?
A. The circus show will last for a week. C. The most expensive ticket for adult is Rp. 100.000,00.
B. There are no morning shows in daily shows. D. The seven years old children can see the circus without paying.
Read the dialog below and answer the questions!
Kayla : Vina you look gloomy. What happened?
Vina : There is a misunderstanding between Tiara and me. She accused me oftelling her secret to someone else but I didn’t. Can you help me solve theproblem?
Kayla : O.K. What can I do?
Vina : Please talk to her. You’re her close friend. I do hope she will listen to you.
Kayla : I hope so. I’ll try.
30. Vina says, “Can you help me to solve the problem?”
What does it mean?
A. She asks for help C. She gives help
B. She offers help D. She refuses to give help
31. When someone says, “Ok what can I do for you?
What does it mean?
A. She refuses to give help C. She offers help
B. She gives help D. She asks for help

This message is for questions 32 and 33
Dad, Mr. Charles came here when you were in the garage. He said that he can’t play tennis with you this afternoon. He has to accompany one of his clients. He will call you later
32. Where was the writer’s father when Mr. Charles arrived?
A. In the bedroom B. In the garden C. In the office D. In the garage
33. What will writer’s father and Mr. Charles NOT do this afternoon?
A. Accompany their client B. Meet their client C. Play tennis D.Go around

Good evening, everyone!!
We would like to inform you that we are closing in fifteen minutes. Please pay at the cashier immediately. You may ask our staff for any assistance. We will glad to help you. Thank you.
34. Where can you possibly hear such an announcement?
A. At school B. At hospital C. In a market D. In a store
35. What is the announcement about?
A. The opening time of a market C. Customer service
B. The closing time of a store D. Customer assistance

The Caka Periodin Indonesia witnessed the introduction of the Sanskrit language and the Pallawa script by the Indian Prince Aji Caka (78 AD). The Devanagari script of the sanskrit language was also used, as shown in ancient stone and copper inscription (paracasthies) which have been unearthed. The language and script were adapted And called the Kawi language and included words and phrases derived from Javanese.

Early trade relations were established between South India and IndonesiA. Sumatra was the named Swarna Dwipa or the island of gold, Java was called Java Dwipa or the rice island, and a Hindu kingdom of Crivijaya in Sumatra and Nalanda in South India were notconfined to religious and cultural exchanges. They later develop diplomatic relations, and even covered a wide range of trade
The influx of Indian settlers continued during the period from the first to the seventh century AD. Peacefully and gradually the Hindu religion spread throughout the archipelago. It was adopted by all layers of the people of Java, but limited to the upper classes on the other islands.

Another known Buddhist kingdom was Cailendra in Central JavA. It was ruled by the kings of Cailendra Dynasty. During their rule (750-850 AD),the famous Buddhist temple, Borubudur, was built. In 772 AD other Buddhist temple were also built. They include the Mendut, Kalasan and Pawon temples. All of these temples are now preserved as tourist object near the city of YogyakartA.
The Cailendra Kingdom was also known for its commercial and naval power. And its flourishing arts and culture. A guide to learn singing, known as the Chandra Cha-ana, was first written in 778 AAD
Read the text above and answer the questions 36 to 40
36. Prince AjiCaka came from ……
A. Indonesia B. India C. Persia D. Spain
37. Which island was called the island of gold?
A. Sumatra B. Kalimantan C. Java D. Irianjaya
38. How long did the Indian settlers’ movement to java last
A. For a century C. atleast six centuries
B. For not more than five centuries D. For For more than seven centuries
39. CailendraDynasty ruled Cailendra kingdom in central java for ……..
A. Fifty years C. One hundred and fifteen years
B. A century D.More than one hundred years
40. The text is about ……..
A. A famous Buddhist temple C. Borobudur temple
B. Prambanan temple D. Cailendra Dynasty

Hi, friend. I went on anice trip last Sunday with some friends from school. We went to a lovely lake about thirty kilometers north of here. We went by bus at seven o’clock in the morning and arrived at the lake at about eight thirty. You know, we spent the morning rowing boats and fishing at the lake.
After lunch we climbed a small hill behind the lake. Well,.... we saw a beautiful view from the top. We got back to the bus around four o’clock and then we came back to town.
41.What is the text about?
A. The writer’s trip to the lake C. Fishing at the lake
B. The writer’s friends trip D. A beautiful lake
42. How many hours did the writer and his friends take to reach the destination?
A. One hour C. Two hours
B. One and a half hour D. Two and a half hour

Hello, everyone. Yesterday was my little sister’s birthday. My mom and dad made a party for her. The party was held in our house. My little sister had many friends, you know. She invited all of them. As a result, our house was very crowded. The party was about two hours. My little sister looked happy.
After the party had ended, there were dishes everywhere. Our house was dirty and messed up. Therefore, we had to clean our house. It was a tiring day, but we were glad to see my little sister happy because of the party
43. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To amuse readers C. To describe something
B. To retell past events D. To tell how to make something
44. Whose party was it?
A. The writer’s dad C. The writer’s little sister
B. The writer’s mom D. The writer’s little brother
45. How was the house after the party?
A. It was dirty and messed up C. It was the same as before
B. It was quite clean and tidy D. It was badly damaged

Police in the street says that:
46. People should cross the road at the overhead bridge because ……….
A. The road is under construction C.The road is always crowded
B. The policeman watches the passer by D.There are many people standing on the street

We experienced this when we were driving home from a nice holiday trip. We saw a lady waved her hand, trying to stop any passers by. Realizing that, father stopped the car.
You know what! The woman showed us a man in a steep ditch. He didn’t move. The woman said that he broke his left leg and right arm.
Farther immediately went down to the man. I got the rope from the car and gave it to father. Shortly after, we saved that man. We took him to the nearest hospital. The woman and the man thanked us.
47. The text is about the writer’s experience …
A. During his holiday C. When he saved a woman
B. When he and his father saved a man D. On his way home from school
48. What is the genre of this text?
A. Narrative B. Descriptive C. Recount D. Report
We had fun with English in our school, supported by Qatar Foundation for the students in the remote areas. We enjoyed this event on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at Panaan Junior High School in Bintang ArA. We had waited for it since November 2013. So , when the day came, we were very happy. We played many games such as matching colors and pictures, horse racing, running and finding, spelling bee. We had story telling too.
All students from grade VII to IX joined fun with English, we could practice our English there with our friends, we also sang together. We really had fun.
Many prizes were given in this event. There were tickets Ice Worldand Gondola of Ancol Bay City, tickets from Water Boom of Lippo Cikarang, tickets from Insects World and Fresh Water of TMII and many other merchandies.
49. The text merely tells us about ………….
A. Learning English at Panaan Junior High School C. Getting prizes in learning English
B. Learning English through fun activities D. Getting tickets from English activities
50. What is the main idea of paragraph three?
A. Many prizes given in the event C. There were tickets from Ice World
B. All the students joined the games D. Tickets from Ancol By City and Lippo Cikarang

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