Contoh Soal B.Inggris Complete the Conversations Protection Status
1. Rani : ………………………
Indra : I’m sorry. I’m busy doing my homework.
a. Do you want me to post the letter?
b. Would you like me to post the letter
c. Can I help you to post the letter
d. Could you post the letter for me?

2. Diana : What beautiful flowers!
Keith : Thank you
Diana : …………….
Keith : Sure. Let me get it for you
Diana : Thanks, Keith
Keith : My pleasure
a. Can I have one, please?
b. May I see it, please?
c. Those are really amazing!
d. I don’t believe you have such beautiful flowers

This dialog is for questions 3 and 4
Santi : Can I have that mango, Mom?
Mother : Which one?
Santi : The yellow one, please.
Mother : Sure. Here you are
Santi : Thank you, Mom.
3. The dialog happens…………………
a. at home
b. in a grocer
c. in a garden
d. in a fruit stall

4. Santi said, “Can I have that mango, Mom?
What does it mean?
a. She asks for something
b. She asks for an opinion
c. She asks for help
d. she asks for information
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