Contoh Soal B.Inggris Fill in the Blanks

Mr. Bambang is an English teacher. He speaks English fluently. His wife, Mrs.Vanya is a (42)... She helps sick people. She doesn’t speak English. Mr. Bambang has two children. They study English not only at school but also at home. They are (43)... students. Their father teaches them every night, so they can speak English (44)... He is very proud of them.

1. A .Teacher
B. Janitor
C. Doctor
D. Chef

2. A. Lazy
B. Proud
C. Stupid
D. Diligent

3. A. Fluently y
B. Silently
C. Slowl
D. Badly

I recently visited the Cuban Island (46)... at two week break with my partner. I never (47)… South America prior to this visit and was extremely excited at experiencing this new culture. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. I had heard that the Cuban (48)... are traditionally extremely polite to strangers as a sign of respect, but never did I expected the treatment that I received.
4. A. For
B. From
C. Since
D. During

5. A. Visit
B. Visits
C. Visited
D. Visiting

6. A. Person
B. People
C. Children
D. Spectator

7. A : What did you do yesterday evening?
B : …………………….
a. Oh, I am playing football
b. Oh, I played football
c. Oh, I play football
d. Oh, I have played football

8. She did not ………………… new uniform
a. wears
b. wearing
c. wear
d. wore

Read the text for number 9-10!
Today, we are (9)…………… a flag ceremony. All teachers and students are standing in the school yard. The headmaster is leading the flag ceremony. And all the participants are (10)…………..seriously.
9. a. held
b. have held
c. hold
d. holding

10. a. following
b. followed
c. follow
d. have followed

11. Fredi : What do you think about this building
Wayan :………….. It looks fragile
a. I think this building is very old
b. I think it is new
c. I think it is dirty
d. I think this building is very beautifuly

12. Fredi : May I help you to carry those books
Sanusi : ………….. I can do it myself.
a. No, thanks
b. Sure
c. Of course
d. Yes

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