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"I arrived in Sentul, where a main concert Justin Bieber, since this morning. Of course, I have to come early, because I do not want to stand in line long and hard to find a place to sit who will be able to look strategically to Justin Bieber singing and waddle on stage. Ckckck, it turns out I'm not alone. People have a lot of incoming. Well, in order to see the Caucasians who would not know me, I spent time praying Dhuhur, then forgot to Asr. When maghrib arrived, I was lamenting the lost wallet, stolen people. And certainly too, when it came time for Isha prayers, I still huddled in the sea of ​​people who can not get into the arena because they do not miss out concert tickets, or meet the same fate like me. "Thank God, I'm still at home. Sitting quietly in front of the TV, while bershalawat without leaving prayers. Wallet still remain in pockets, not empty because of the soaring price of tickets purchased.
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